Frequently Asked Questions

Questions For Grower

No. Oklahoma is where our hearts lie. While we have assisted several companies across the United States we believe helping growers right here in our own backyard.

With over two decades of experience in the environmental analysis industry, we
understand the importance of producing data that is accurate and legally defensible. By following standards set forth by ISO 17025 and TNI 2009, Scissortail Labs provides you with peace of mind that you know exactly what your patients are consuming.

Anyone in the cannabis industry looking for quality laboratory testing and processing, including Growers, Dispensaries, Home Growers, Other Processors (to test the products they’re producing), and Edibles Manufacturers.

Providing high-quality laboratory services that result in 100% customer satisfaction is what we do best. That means we do everything in power to ensure we process your flower into a concentrated oil, shatter, or take your current product and test it for percentage of CBD and THC with scissor-sharp accuracy every time.

About Your Service

We believe simple is always better. That’s why we’ve made our process simple. Simply request a quote. A member of our team will then reply back to your quote. If you agree, we’ll then arrange for a pick of your product. Next, we’ll either test or process your product depending on your needs. After we’re finished, we’ll submit a lab sheet and deliver your product. It’s that simple.

That depends on the size of your order. But, when you request a quote one of our team members can tell you how soon to expect your delivery.

As a lab, we specialize in testing and processing. With over a decade in testing, we can deliver results with laser sharp accuracy. We also specialize in turning trim (the left overs from your marijuana and hemp plants) into profit for your business.

We’ve created a great article that can further explain what trim is and how we process it to make you money. You can read it here.