We focus on accuracy

There can be many unknown compounds in your hemp and cannabis products.  Scissortail can help detect those compounds with accredited laboratory testing.  With our strong background in the environmental industry, we understand the importance of backing our services with accreditation and a legally-defensible quality program.  That’s why we  have designed our lab around current ISO 17025 and 2009 TNI Standards. At Scissortail, we strive to bring legitimacy to the industry through consistent, quality-controlled testing and processing.

“Knowing the quality of your products is crucial to helping patients. That’s why we use only the highest powered instruments when testing your products. Our headspace gas chromatograph /mass spectrometer and our liquid chromatograph with UV detector will give you accurate results you can trust.


Will tell you the percentage of cannabanoids in product (ex:THC, CBD, etc)


Will tell you what "flavors" are in the product.

Residual Solvents

Detects solvent contamination in processed material (like concentrated oils or shatters)

Water Activity

Quantifies moisture content in dried flower.  Depicts "freshness" of the product and indicates potential presence of mold.

Filth and Foreign Matter

Detailed visual examination of flower or processed material for insect parts, feces, mold, mildew, and other foreign material (bits of paper, plastic, etc.)